Current Members

01/17/2019 Rehearsal: Mozart – Requiem

  • Rehearsal Date: Thursday January 17.
  • Time: 7-9.30pm.
  • Location: Broomfield United Methodist Church (BUMC), 545 W. 10th Avenue, Broomfield, 80020.
  • Snacks: Tenors
  • Music: Mozart’s Requiem and other pieces.

Hi singers,

I hope your week has started well.  Just a couple of items for you:

  1. Glow Video: Dan Winn was kind enough to take a video of our performance of Glow (thanks Dan!) You can view the video HERE – please note that it may take a moment to load.

    As a reminder, we are NOT permitted to share video footage of complete songs on social media or any other public forum due to licensing issues. This video is for choir members to view and should not be shared or emailed to other people.

  2. 2019 elections: the Nominating Committee (Kyle + section leaders) need to hear from anyone wishing to run for VP of Membership, VP of Development, Secretary or Treasurer by January 20th.

We’ll see you on Thursday!


01/10/2019 Rehearsal: Mozart – Requiem

  • Rehearsal Date: Thursday January 10.
  • Time: 7-9.30pm.
  • Location: Broomfield United Methodist Church (BUMC), 545 W. 10th Avenue, Broomfield, 80020.
  • Snacks: Altos
  • Music: Mozart’s Requiem and other pieces.
Hi singers,
Here are some messages and reminders from Board members:
  1. Voice lessons – Mondays, Winter 2019: please sign up here for voice lessons with Kevin.  We do not have a space for Tuesday nights; if that changes, we will send a separate link.
  2. King Soopers cards: Kim Savage has these cards and can let you know how to use them to benefit CRS.
  3. Women’s concert outfits – hemming and adjustments:  please let Natalia know of any uniform hemming adjustments needed (after washing and drying your uniforms).
  4. Women’s concert outfits – new members: a reminder to please order your uniforms by February 1 to allow time for shipping and tailoring:
    Concert Apparel – Ordering Info
    Each singer may choose to wear a tux or one of the solid black outfit options below. If you choose to order a solid black outfit, please order a dress OR a top and pants as soon as possible to allow time for shipping and tailoring.
    Place your order online or by phone with Formal Fashions. Options are below:

    Concert Dress– starting at $65.00

    Concert Top– starting at $30.00
    *Note: this top runs small*

    Concert Pants – starting at $31.00
    If you have any questions, email Kristi.
  5. 2019 elections: the Nominating Committee (Kyle + section leaders) need to hear from anyone wishing to run for VP of Membership, VP of Development, Secretary or Treasurer by January 20th.
We’ll see you all at Thursday’s rehearsal!

CRS Winter Retreat: Saturday January 5 2019

  • Winter Retreat 2019 Date: Saturday January 5.
  • Time: 9-2 pm. Please arrive earlier to sign in and get your music – Coffee & Breakfast treats available by 8:45 am.
  • Location: Broomfield United Methodist Church (BUMC), 545 W. 10th Avenue, Broomfield, 80020.
  • Brunch/breakfast treats: Members to contribute to potluck via Sign-Up (below).
  • Music: Mozart Concert and other pieces.

Hi singers,

A very Happy New Year to you all.  We hope you had fun during the holidays and that your voices are well rested for the rigors of Mozart!

We look forward to seeing you at Saturday’s Winter Retreat: please see details above and sign up here to contribute to the potluck Brunch.

Outstanding dues reminder – current members: Please will those members who have not already paid this year’s dues give a cheque to Diane Young on Saturday.

New members’ dues: please also pay your dues to Diane Young, our Treasurer, on Saturday.

We’ll see you all at the Retreat!


12/13/2018 Message from Kyle & Rehearsal: CRS March Concert – Mozart Requiem

  • Rehearsal Date: Thursday December 13.
  • Time: 7-9.30 pm.
  • Location: BUMC Broomfield United Methodist Church (BUMC), 545 W. 10th Avenue, Broomfield, 80020.
  • Snacks: Altos.
  • Music: Mozart’s Requiem.

Hi Singers,

We have several reminders for you below, but first here is a message from Kyle:

Choir, heartfelt thanks for the blood, sweat and tears you willingly poured into this past weekend’s holiday performances.  I couldn’t be more proud of the work you did on stage.  I hope you left the weekend feeling great about what we accomplished together…that includes surviving a bumpy Friday night concert, rising to a tremendous Saturday matinee and reaching down deep to last through a third Saturday evening performance.  All marks of a seasoned, committed ensemble!  More importantly, I hope you received the same kind of feedback I did that evidenced the impact the concert had on those who came to hear…that makes it all worth it!  See everyone soon.  With much gratitude, -Kyle

1.Mozart rehearsal: please remember what Kyle mentioned on Saturday: everyone is expected at Thursday’s rehearsal so that we can make progress with the Requiem.

2. Caroling: Here are the rosters.

  • Sunday 16 3-5 pm:  Rehearsal & Cookie Exchange for all caroling performances. For details please see Performance Info & Logistics below.
  • Sunday 16 & Tuesday 18: Blossoms of Light performances.   Performance Info & logistics.
  • Monday 17: Assisted Living performances.  Performance Info & logistics.

3. Concert outfits: would those who need the seamstress to re-do their hems please email Natalia:

4. Forte on the Fourth: a message from Kim: Once again, thank you, CRS members, for your donations and demonstration of commitment to our choir and its mission on “Forte on the Fourth,” Colorado Gives Day. It was an amazing day from beginning to end…and a sign of great things to come! So, thank you!!

We’ll see you all at Thursday’s rehearsal (or else!),




12/06/2018 Dress Rehearsal: CRS Winter Reflections Concert

  • Rehearsal Date: Thursday December 6.
  • Time: 7-9.30 pm  (please arrive early so we can begin rehearsal promptly at 7).
  • Location: Broomfield Auditorium, 3 Community Park Drive, Broomfield, CO.
  • Snacks – Note: we do not ask a section to bring snacks to the final rehearsal; food is not permitted in the auditorium
  • Music: Winter Reflections.

Hi Singers,

We’re almost there!  And guess what… we still need some ushers for both Saturday concerts – please use your powers of persuasion and sign up friends and family here: .     Many thanks to those who have already signed people up!

Tomorrow is  the LAST NIGHT for in-person ticket sales; CD presales will also be available (cash and check only).

We’ll see you tomorrow at Broomfield Auditorium!




Singers, Today is the day! Forte on the Fourth, a really important day to show our commitment to CRS!

Please go to, remembering Kyle’s words:

We give because  of what it does inside of us; our hearts need that. Donations of money are important from CRS membership, but more than that it’s the sense of commitment, of belonging to a choir that is a co-operative, a collaborative effort.  So the size of the donation is less important than your commitment: just what you can afford.


CRS FORTE ON THE FOURTH – ONE DAY TO GO! – Monday 3rd Rehearsal

2 important reminders for you, Singers:


Only one day to go until Forte on the Fourth! Please go to and make your pledge today!



Monday 3 rehearsal: please note that we will NOT be at BUMC:

  • Time: 7-9.30 pm. Please arrive early so that we can begin promptly at 7.
  • Location:  Northglenn United Methodist Church, 1605 W. 106th Avenue, Northglenn, CO 80234
  • We are NOT in the main church but in Fellowship Hall, the small building adjacent to the church.
  • Music: Winter Reflections.

N.B. the street number of W. 106th Ave was incorrect in Saturday’s email – it’s 1605.   See you all tomorrow,


11/29/2018 Rehearsal: CRS Winter Reflections Concert

  • Rehearsal Date: Thursday November 29.
  • Time: 7-9.30 pm.
  • Location: Broomfield United Methodist Church (BUMC), 545 W. 10th Avenue, Broomfield, 80020.
  • Snacks: Basses.
  • Music: Christmas pieces, Mozart.

Hi Singers!

We have some really important messages and reminders for you this week:

1. Forte on the Fourth Campaign – Tuesday December 4

  • Less than 1 week to go!
  • Go to, select the Donate link – Find a Nonprofit and write CRS in “Search by Name”.

2. Winter Reflections:  Logistics 

  • Performance Week Logistics: please open this link.

3. Winter Reflections: Volunteers

a) Lobby Sitters needed
  • When we perform at the Audi, we are required to have a person over age 18 sit in the lobby while we are using the space to ensure that random passersby do not come into the auditorium. We are looking for one volunteer for each of the following shifts to by the lobby sitter for that particular performance. In exchange, we are offering a comp ticket to a different performance of the holiday concert for anyone who is a lobby sitter. The audio of the concert is played in the lobby, and there is free wifi as well, so they can keep themselves entertained!
  • Please email Kristi at if you have a volunteer who can take one of these shifts:
    • Friday, December 7, 5-9:30pm        Saturday, December 8, 12:30-4pm         Saturday, December 8, 6:30-9:30pm
b) Ushers / Ticket Sellers Needed

4. Season Ticket Deadline – November 30

  • Thanks to everyone who has promoted season ticket sales this year! We’ve already surpassed our goal of 50 and have sold 64 season tickets – way to go! Season tickets will remain on sale until November 30 – keep selling to help your friends and family get a discount on the entire season! Buy season tickets here.

5. Caroling opportunities:  please sign up by November 29!

  • Remember, we have three caroling opportunities in mid-December. These are great opportunities for us to give back to our community through song! If you are available for any of the evenings, please sign up by November 29 so that Kyle can put together balanced ensembles from those who are interested.

6. Concert Program Advertising – the deadline to submit advertising is this Friday, November 30th:

See you all at rehearsal on Thursday!



Singers, a very Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

A couple of important reminders for you:

  1. Volunteers – Christmas concerts: We still need a lot of volunteers for each of our 3 Winter Reflections concerts.  So while you’re spending time with them at Thanksgiving, please sign up friends and family here and remember that all volunteers see the concert for free!

2. New concert outfits: The seamstress is on track to have the uniforms ready the week after Thanksgiving.  Natalia will check in with her on Monday 26 to see where she is and when/how to coordinate pick up and delivery to members.

3. Winter Reflections poster: here it is for all of those who would like to email it to your friends and contacts.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!


11/08/2018 Rehearsal: CRS Holiday Concert

  • Rehearsal Date: Thursday November 8.
  • Time: 7-9.30 pm.
  • Location: Broomfield United Methodist Church (BUMC), 545 W. 10th Avenue, Broomfield, 80020.
  • Snacks: Tenors.
  • Music: Mozart, Christmas pieces.

Hi Singers!

We have some important messages and reminders for you this week:

1. New Facebook post – please Like & Share!! 
  • Mary has posted a promotion for our Winter Reflections Christmas concert:
2. New Concert Outfits – Seamstress: 
  • If you were not able to be at rehearsal last Thursday when the seamstress was there, please contact Natalia secretary@coloradorepertorysingers.orgto see if alternate arrangements can be made.
3. Concert tickets:
  • Single tickets will be on sale at rehearsal. We encourage single ticket sales online, which can be purchased here
  • Reminder, season tickets are only on sale through November 30. So far, we’ve sold 35 season tickets – our goal is 50 for this season! Buy season tickets here
4. Advertising in CRS concert programs – the deadline to submit advertising is Friday, November 30th:
  • Advertising in CRS concert programs is cost effective and will reach 100’s of potential clients/customers! We have some enquiries which is fantastic, but need many more.
  • Please click on this link to print your own forms. Forms will also be available at rehearsal. Submit completed forms with payment to Mary Soroka  
5. Caroling opportunities reminder:  Sign up here!
  • Blossoms of Light: there are still a few slots open for each.
  • Assisted Living: we still need some singers to sign up for our Assisted Living performances.
6. Veterans Day at Good Samaritan Medical Center:
  • We will meet at 6:45 this Thursday to rehearse in the Chapel.

See you all on Thursday!