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Updates from Kristi:

When I was up in the balcony taking photos and video tonight, the music sounded incredible! What a joy this will be to present to our loved ones! Thanks for your hard work through a long rehearsal, and thanks for your patience while we worked out the entry patterns in the labyrinthine stairwells and full stage. This concert has some challenging logistics, so I really appreciate all your help!

A few notes for tomorrow, since I’m not sure we’ll have time to discuss in detail:

  • Leaving the stage for Prayer of the Children: it appears I did not communicate properly to the folks exiting stage left (Tenor/Bass side) about how to exit the stage. Please DO NOT step off the edge of the stage onto the chair. The chair won’t even be there tomorrow, it had just been a spare on stage that I moved shortly before we began rehearsal. INSTEAD: either exit through the little red staircase that leads from the choir loft, OR, if you can, you can exit stage RIGHT with the sopranos and the majority of the altos.

  • Seating in the balcony for Prayer of the Children: I realize that this is a difficult transition from one location to another. The sequence should be, ideally, sopranos closest to the stage, then basses, then tenors, then altos farthest from the stage. Shorter folks in the  front, taller folks in the back. There will be ropes blocking off the reserved area, so I’ll ask the first couple of folks who make it to the balcony to take down the ropes to make it easier for everyone behind them. The ropes can just be gathered out of the way behind the back row. Also, if you know you are on an end and are one of the first up there, use your judgement about stepping to the side to let others into your row.

  • Leaving the balcony AFTER Prayer of the Children: Intermission will immediately follow Prayer. So, the house lights will come up and we’ll exit to the green room. Preferably, the majority of the choir will use the stairwell closest to the stage, but it’s okay if some need to use the stairwell farthest from the stage toward the back of the balcony. Just be sure to make your way back down to Fellowship Hall.

  • Restrooms: There are restrooms right outside our green room that you can use. During intermission, they will likely be quite busy, so Trinity is allowing us to use the restrooms near the offices on Level 2 and there are additional restrooms on Level 1. There will be several Trinity folks wandering around who can help you find them. Mary Soroka is also very familiar with Trinity and can point you in the right direction.

  • Concert Order Reminder: 

    • All choirs enter


    • FAURE

    • CRS and Regis exit to balcony (Kyle speaks to cover)

    • Rock Canyon set (4 songs)

    • Brief speaking by Kyle

    • PRAYER

    • All choirs exit to green room

    • Intermission

    • All choirs enter


    • Bows

    • All choirs exit (same way we practiced today during our first exit to the green room)

Again, thank you all so much for your hard work, your patience, and most importantly, your spectacular music-making. It’s an honor to sing with you. See you all at 5:45  in full concert dress!


Monday March 12 Rehearsal PLUS March Concert Seating Chart & Entry Sequence

  • Rehearsal Date: Monday March 12

  • Time: 7-9:30pm (please arrive early so we can begin promptly at 7pm)

  • Location: Claver Hall, Regis University (Use entrance #4 at the intersection of Lowell & 52nd)

  • Music: Requiem, Cantique, Clap Your Hands, Prayer for the Children

  • Snacks: SATB to share with all choirs

Concert week is finally here!

1. Please bear in mind important details from Kristi on: Seating Chart, Entry Sequence & Trinity Church 

Below, you’ll find the seating chart for the concert. Please review the key at the top to understand the various color codes. I’ve also included photos of the empty choir loft at Trinity, as well as a photo of the space when the stage is set up (this is just for reference).

Also, the Entry Sequence lists the order in which we’ll line up downstairs before each act. Those of you listed in bold/caps are responsible for making sure people in your area are in the correct order. We will be using four separate entrances to access our positions, which will become more clear once we are at Trinity on Thursday.

Seating Chart – 8.5×11 paper (very small font)
Seating Chart – 8.5×14 paper
Entry Sequence & Captains
Trinity Choir Loft
Trinity with Stage Setup (for reference only)

PLEASE NOTE: There will almost certainly be some chart adjustments that need to be made when we are in the space on Thursday. It’s also highly likely that I misspelled someone’s name, duplicated someone, or left someone out. I appreciate your patience as we make these adjustments.

We will try to roughly mimic this chart at our Monday rehearsal at Regis.

2. Monday’s rehearsal at Claver Hall, Regis University – don’t forget to bring:

Name tags: please wear them to help members from other choirs know who we are.

Snacks: all CRS sections please bring snacks to share with the 3 choirs.

Black music folders with all concert music and a pencil (the original Prayer for the Children sheet music will be available at  Monday’s rehearsal).


Please see Kristi’s previous post or our website sidebar for concert week’s logistical details and a scan of Prayer for the Children sheet music  – so you can look at it before Monday’s rehearsal.

Let us know if you have any questions. See you Monday!

Kristi & Jo

March Concert Week Logistics & Prayer

CLICK HERE for logistical details about concert week for “Requiem for the Living”. We are still finalizing the seating chart and entry sequence, so those will be posted this weekend so you can glance at them before Monday’s rehearsal.

CLICK HERE for a scan of sheet music for Prayer of the Children. An audio version has also been added to the rehearsal tracks Dropbox.

These files are also posted in the sidebar under “Important Documents”.

Please ask Kristi if you have questions.

01/25/2018 Rehearsal: CRS March Concert – Sectionals

  • Date: January 25
  • Time: 7-9:30pm
  • Locations:
    • Sopranos: Broomfield United Methodist Church (BUMC), 545 W. 10th Avenue, Broomfield
    • Altos: Christa’s House, 14061 W 83rd Place, Broomfield
    • Tenors: Brighton High School, 270 S. 8th Ave. Brighton (Park in the lot on the East side of the school. Alan will be outside to guide people to his choir room, which has an external door.)
    • Basses: Roberts House,  905 Coral St., Broomfield
  • Music: Trouble spots for each section in Requiem, Cantique, and Clap Your Hands
  • Snacks: Each section is on their own!

Hello Singers!

Quite a few messages this week… thank you for your patience while we dealt with some technical difficulties!

Click here to download a digital copy of the concert poster… thank you Mary!

Notes from Kyle

Choir, best wishes for some great sectionals this week…thank you for prioritizing these gatherings at the same level as our group rehearsals. This is a vital time to focus in on notes/rhythms as well as forge ahead working as a “section.” Please be kind and gracious to your peer leaders…they are volunteers who are offering their time and talents simply out of a love for singing and their fellow singers!

I wanted to offer some friendly encouragement for all of us to share our best collegial professionalism around rehearsal attendance. Live into your commitment as a singer as best you can…we all lead busy lives and manage a variety of commitments. I also acknowledge that we move in and out of seasons that make rehearsals more/less difficult to manage and there is grace for that! That said, we are 7 weeks (7 rehearsals) out from performance week. Reminder, if you are going to miss a rehearsal, please let your section leader know in advance if possible (Sopranos-Sue, Altos-Christa, Tenors-Kevin, Basses-Robert).

Travel Updates
We are entering the voting phase of discernment time regarding CRS Travel options. Please be sure to fill out the participation survey no later than Monday, February 7, even if you have no intention of traveling with the group.  Click here to access the Travel Participation Survey.

We did address a few questions and answers at last week’s rehearsal:

Q: How many meals are provided in the Central Europe tour proposal?
A: (almost) 2 per day (usually breakfast and dinner)

Q: Can spouses, companions, guests travel with the group?
A: Absolutely – there also may be opportunities for guests to sing in the choir for tour. If you would like to bring a companion/guest please share that in the survey.

Q: For those that extend after the Central Europe festival tour, can you return from a different airport (i.e. not Munich)?
A: This turns out to be a difficult proposition b/c of how the group airfare is booked. It’s not impossible but would require a group of 10 or more to choose to a different return city so that those tickets may be booked as a separate “group.” One possible way around this is for a few people in this category to chose a land-only option (see next question).

Q: Is there a land-only option for people who need to use frequent flyer miles/credit card miles, etc.?
A: Yes, we have asked the travel company to create a land-only option. Our strong preference as a choir is for this option to be exercised only by singers for whom travel would only be possible with the use of frequent flyer/credit card miles…partly because it creates additional logistics for the travel company and for CRS. There will be some caveats for land-only singers – mainly that the group travel arrangements will run on schedule regardless of any land-only travel circumstances/delays (i.e. if a land-only traveler’s flight gets delayed, the group bus will not wait for you, etc.). Because of the buying power that comes with the group airfare, the price break for the land-only package really only incentivizes this option for folks who have points/miles/etc. (i.e. I’m not sure you can find reasonable airfare on your own for less than the group price). Here are the land-only prices:

Full Package (w/ airfare) CRS price: $3,895 (check/debit) $4,090 (credit card)

Land-Only CRS price: $2,945 (check/debit) $3,080 (credit card)

Notes from Kristi

DPO Holiday Cheer Recording
Click here to access recordings of our holiday performance with the DPO. Friday recordings start with “DPO” and Saturday recordings start with “DPO2”. As always, please do not post any recordings on social media.

If you need to order a concert outfit, please do so as soon as possible so you have time to have it altered. Links are in the sidebar!

New Schubert Seating Chart

Click here for the new seating chart for the Schubert. Individuals in parentheses will be standing in an aisle with no chair, so you’ll need to sit in the top row of chairs for the first piece in the concert.

We’ll meet in the choir room at Central Presbyterian at 7:30pm tonight. Don’t forget a cliplight if you need more light on your music!