Colorado Repertory Singers (CRS) is a Metro Denver and Front Range based choral organization that provides an excellent concert experience by presenting a diverse repertoire of fine choral works. CRS provides singers an environment that encourages musical growth and fosters a sense of community among its membership.

CRS was formed in January 2002 with a vision to create a regional choir that would be accessible to all and bring a repertoire of diverse music to the community as a whole. The auditioned members of the chorus share a love of music and a commitment to excellence.

Our organization provides for the education, cultural enlightenment, and entertainment of the public through the presentation of choral music, while also providing our singers an environment that encourages personal musical growth and continuing access to a full range of vocal works. The choir recognizes the need to bridge generations and afford mentoring opportunities to young singers if a viable heritage of diverse vocal works is to remain for future generations to enjoy.

Presently, the choir consists of about 70 singers who come together to inspire and engage our audiences through the creation of musical art. Singers come from all manner of backgrounds, but each one shares a passion for making music. Visit the Auditions page to learn more about joining CRS.