CRS – 09/26/2019 SECTIONALS: Winter Reflections

  • SECTIONALS Date: Thursday September 26.
  • Time: 7 – 9/9.30 pm.
  • Location: Please see your Section leader’s email.
  • Music: Winter Reflections.


As you know, this Thursday is for sectionals.  Your section leaders are emailing details to you.

For the benefit of brand new and not-so-new members, I’m re-sending some essential details to you:

CRS website – Current Members:

  • In order to access our Current Members page directly on the CRS website and keep up to date with events and announcements, you now need to bookmark the following link:
  • At the very top of the sidebar on the right hand side of the Current Members you’ll see Get Posts via Email and a link in order for website posts to be automatically sent to your email address.
  • Until the end of September, I’ll continue to send everyone an email of the weekly post.  Please sign up to get posts via email by Sept 30 so that I can just post on our Members page.

Concert Apparel Guidelines:   

  • As Kristi mentioned last week, those who need to order concert apparel will find details in the sidebar of our Current Members page.

CRS dues: 

  • Please could you remember to pay your annual dues to Diane Young by the Thursday October 3 rehearsal.  Here is Diane’s email address in case you have any questions:

Enjoy your sectionals!