End-of-year Message from Kyle – Rockies tickets – Save the Date

Hi Singers,

We hope you’re all enjoying the break before Mozart rehearsals begin for those who are travelling to Europe!

A Message from Kyle:

Choir Friends,

Congratulations on a marvelous 2018-2019 season.  A few reflections as we close our year together:

Our Growing Community

More than anything else I cherish our growing CRS community.  Friends, we are so very fortunate to be in a season of growth as a community choir.  The intergenerational nature of our membership is an essential part of what makes our community vibrant and strong.  That we continue to attract high quality singers and marvelous human beings speaks volumes about who we are as a choir and a community.  I would encourage each and every one of us to cherish, advocate for and steward our membership mix.

Diverse Repertoire

Glow to Mozart’s Requiem to Sicut Cervus and everything in between.  Choir, the repertoire you engaged this season represents a diversity of musical styles.  In my opinion, a significant mark of artistic quality for a choir is its ability to tackle a wide range of repertoire with passion and excellence.  More importantly, tackling each style and genre with the appropriate performance practice considerations.  Ponder for a moment the way we sang the Mozart and how that differed from the way we sang the Palestrina or the Finzi or the Clausen.  Our ability to bring to life different genres with stylistic vibrance and musical excellence is an essential part of our artistic prowess.  I’m enormously proud of your willingness to continually rise to challenge of different pieces of music…thank you!

Commitment & Can-Do

Choir, I simply cannot thank you enough for the strong and enduring level of commitment you bring to our work as an ensemble.  I never take it for granted that I am able to show up on Thursday evenings and see a room full of people who want to be there and want to make great music.  It’s not lost on me that grumbling about schedules, long rehearsals, performances during the holiday season, etc. are essentially non-existent.  Incredible.  Your cheerful willingness is a gift!

Friends, feel good about what you accomplished as a choir this season and the way in which you did so.  It’s my (undeserved) honor to serve as your director.  I cherish our work together and am continually energized and renewed by the art we create! Best wishes for a safe and relaxing summer! – Kyle

Rockies Game:

  • Sign up! If you are planning to sing the National Anthem at our third annual Rockies fundraiser on July 30, please sign up HERE by June 30. We’ll need to let them know how many folks are participating.
  • Buy tickets! Each person who signs up to sing will need to purchase a ticket to the game. In addition, this is a great fundraiser for us, so please invite your friends and family to purchase tickets as well! Tickets must be purchased by July 20. You can purchase online (credit card only) or, if you are attending the Europe rehearsals in the next two weeks, Stacy & Jim will be selling tickets at those rehearsals in person (cash or check only).

End of Season Survey:

Kyle and the Board are looking for some feedback from the 2018-2019 season, as well as your thoughts about where you see the ensemble going in the future. We invite you to complete this short survey by June 10 to share your thoughts!

Save the Date:

  • Auditions: August 26-27
  • Fall Retreat: September 14
  • Holiday Concerts: December 6-7

We’ll be in touch over the next few weeks,