12/13/2018 Message from Kyle & Rehearsal: CRS March Concert – Mozart Requiem

  • Rehearsal Date: Thursday December 13.
  • Time: 7-9.30 pm.
  • Location: BUMC Broomfield United Methodist Church (BUMC), 545 W. 10th Avenue, Broomfield, 80020.
  • Snacks: Altos.
  • Music: Mozart’s Requiem.

Hi Singers,

We have several reminders for you below, but first here is a message from Kyle:

Choir, heartfelt thanks for the blood, sweat and tears you willingly poured into this past weekend’s holiday performances.  I couldn’t be more proud of the work you did on stage.  I hope you left the weekend feeling great about what we accomplished together…that includes surviving a bumpy Friday night concert, rising to a tremendous Saturday matinee and reaching down deep to last through a third Saturday evening performance.  All marks of a seasoned, committed ensemble!  More importantly, I hope you received the same kind of feedback I did that evidenced the impact the concert had on those who came to hear…that makes it all worth it!  See everyone soon.  With much gratitude, -Kyle

1.Mozart rehearsal: please remember what Kyle mentioned on Saturday: everyone is expected at Thursday’s rehearsal so that we can make progress with the Requiem.

2. Caroling: Here are the rosters.

  • Sunday 16 3-5 pm:  Rehearsal & Cookie Exchange for all caroling performances. For details please see Performance Info & Logistics below.
  • Sunday 16 & Tuesday 18: Blossoms of Light performances.   Performance Info & logistics.
  • Monday 17: Assisted Living performances.  Performance Info & logistics.

3. Concert outfits: would those who need the seamstress to re-do their hems please email Natalia:  natalia.coen13@gmail.com

4. Forte on the Fourth: a message from Kim: Once again, thank you, CRS members, for your donations and demonstration of commitment to our choir and its mission on “Forte on the Fourth,” Colorado Gives Day. It was an amazing day from beginning to end…and a sign of great things to come! So, thank you!!

We’ll see you all at Thursday’s rehearsal (or else!),