Current Members

10/19/2017 Rehearsal: CRS & DPO Holiday Concerts

  • Date of rehearsal: Thursday October 19

  • Time: 7 – 9.30 pm

  • Location: Broomfield United Methodist Church (BUMC), 545 W. 10th Avenue, Broomfield

  • Music: CRS & DPO Holiday Concerts

  • Snacks: Altos

Hi Singers,

Please see details for tomorrow’s rehearsal above. 

Just one reminder for everyone: if you haven’t already signed up for our holiday caroling opportunities, please do so by October 25. Here is the link again. Kyle will review the lists and form balanced ensembles. 

See you all tomorrow,


10/12/2017 Rehearsal: CRS & DPO Holiday Concerts

·         Date of rehearsal: Thursday October 12

·         Time: 7 – 9.30 pm

·         Location: Broomfield United Methodist Church (BUMC), 545 W. 10th Avenue, Broomfield

·         Music: CRS & DPO Holiday Concerts

·         Snacks: Sopranos

Hey Singers,

Please see the info above for this Thursday’s rehearsal.  Sopranos, your turn to bring the snacks.

We have several announcements for you:

Holiday Concerts – Sidebar information

– Please see our Season Calendar 2017-2018 in the sidebar to make sure you save the dress rehearsal and concert dates.
– Music: click the link below Rehearsal Tracks in the sidebar to access the Dropbox recordings that Steve Soller has kindly prepared for us.  For anyone who couldn’t attend the last Saturday’s Retreat, Susan Powers will bring your music for these concerts to Thursday’s rehearsal.
– For any new women who have joined the choir, please see the Concert Dress – Ordering Info in the sidebar and order your outfit pieces. The pieces fit relatively close to size, though the pants and skirts are very long and will need to be hemmed. Please allow time for shipping and hemming prior to our first December concert.

Oktoberfest concert (Schubert included of course)

– The DPO has posted recordings for us to listen to here. Please note that these are NOT to be shared on social media or personal websites.

Season tickets

– Now on sale here! Save money by purchasing tickets to our entire season at once from this Ticketleap link.
– Click on Buy Tickets, enter Colorado Repertory Singers and then Search.
– Season tickets are only available on the website, we cannot process them at rehearsal. 

See you on Thursday, and please look below this post at Steve Soller’s message about the Good Samaritan Medical Center Veterans’ Day Celebration so that you can sign up to sing there!


Good Samaritan Medical Center Veterans’ Day Celebration

  • Date of Veterans’ Day Celebration: Friday, November 10th

  • Time: 2 pm

  • Where: Good Samaritan Medical Center (GSMC), 200 Exempla Circle, Lafayette, CO 80026.

Steve Soller is organizing this. If you’d like to sing at the GSMC Veterans’ Day Celebration please email him (addresses below) or see him after Thursday’s rehearsal.

Here is Steve’s message:

The Celebration will be at 2pm, Friday, November 10th at Good Samaritan Medical Center (GSMC). It will be held in the area outside Subway, but I will meet you by 1:45 pm at the Main Entrance. You can park in the Visitor’s Parking lot #2, on the east side of the Hospital.

GSMC is on the East side of Hwy 287, just North of the Bypass, on the South side of Lafayette.

Right now  the plan is for us to sing an opening Patriotic song (Star-Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, God bless America). There will then be a program to recognize the service of our Veterans, and then we will sing a closing song, perhaps of an arrangement of Taps.  Both songs will be sung A Capella.

– Here is a pdf with the closing music for the ceremony, an SATB version of TAPS.  You don’t have to print this out, I have copies to hand out on Thursday.

– Here is a Youtube link to it for you to listen to:

I plan for us to meet after our rehearsal this Thursday, October 12th for a few moments to answer any questions.  I should have the approved music by the following Thursday, October 19th. We can then rehearse before (6:30-7pm) or after (9:30-10pm) the rehearsals on October 26th, November 2nd, and November 9th.

Feel free to reply back to me at either or with any questions.

Thanks again for your support! It is always a very emotional and rewarding ceremony.

Steve Soller




Message from Kyle Fleming

Congratulations on a marvelous performance with the DPO Friday evening.  I thought you sang with vigor, energy and a sense of veteran suaveness!  The feedback from our collaborating partners at the DPO was very positive.  I think it was a success for our work as a choir and our journey as an organization.  Thank you for giving so generously of your time and talents these past few weeks as we worked on the Schubert!
Grateful thanks, in advance, for your time spent at this coming Saturday’s Fall CRS Retreat.  I recognize that these Saturday retreat days are a sacrifice of time and energy.  They are very important gatherings during the life of our choir as we maximize these retreat days to advance our common efforts musically, relationally and organizationally.  Missing Saturday retreats is like missing several Thursday rehearsals and, frankly, some of the formation of ensemble and community within the choir that happens during these retreat gatherings is irreplaceable.  Thanks for doing your best to make space in your busy lives for a day of singing on Saturday.  I’m very grateful.
See everyone soon!


Fall 2017 CRS Retreat: Saturday October 7

  • Date of Fall Retreat: October 7.

  • Time: 9am – 2pm.

  • Location:Broomfield United Methodist Church (BUMC), 545 W. 10th Avenue, Broomfield, 80020.

  • Potluck: see info below to sign up.

Hola Singers,

We look forward to seeing you at the Retreat this Saturday, ready to start at 9am sharp as we have a lot to get through to introduce this Fall season to you and make a good start on the repertoire.  There will be coffee available to welcome you and wake your vocal chords up!

Potluck: please sign up here to contribute.

If you know anyone interested in becoming a CRS member: be sure to tell them that they are welcome to join us on Saturday, and to participate in a short placement audition with Kyle at the end of the retreat.

A quick reminder that of course there is no rehearsal this Thursday. And that I’ll be bringing nametags for Lora and Kim –anyone else who needs a replacement nametag, just let me know by Friday.

See you all soon, ready for the Fall!


New Schubert Seating Chart

Click here for the new seating chart for the Schubert. Individuals in parentheses will be standing in an aisle with no chair, so you’ll need to sit in the top row of chairs for the first piece in the concert.

We’ll meet in the choir room at Central Presbyterian at 7:30pm tonight. Don’t forget a cliplight if you need more light on your music!

4th Schubert Rehearsal – Thursday September 21

  • Date of rehearsal: Thursday September 21

  • Time: 7 – 9.30 pm

  • Location: Broomfield United Methodist Church (BUMC), 545 W. 10th Avenue, Broomfield, 80020

  • Music: Magnificat – Schubert

  • Snacks: Basses

Hi Singers,

Please see the information above for this Thursday’s rehearsal.  We’ll be rehearsing with our black folders so please bring them along (Susan has folders for those who ordered them).

Basses, please bring the snacks!

Just one announcement for you to bear in mind:  the Fall Retreat on Saturday October 7th has been brought forward to the morning: 9am-2pm.  You’ll see it in the REVISED Season Calendar 2017-2018 in the sidebar.    I’ll be posting a sign-up sheet for the potluck brunch later this week.

See you all on Thursday!