05/17/2018 Rehearsal: CRS Spring Concert

  • Rehearsal Date: Thursday May 17
  • Time: 7-9:30pm
  • Location: Broomfield United Methodist Church (BUMC), 545 W. 10th Avenue, Broomfield, 80020.
  • Music: Folk Songs
  • Snacks: Altos
Hi Singers!
Here are this week’s announcements and info:
1. European Trip:  Thursday 17 is the deadline for handing in your forms to Natalia for the European trip.    Please carefully double-check your forms to make sure everything is completed correctly, payments are included, etc to save Natalia following up for missing items.
2. Volunteers (still!) Needed for Spring Concert:

a) For our concert, Kristi is looking for a few volunteers to help with concert prep:

  • (2) choir members to arrive at 5:30pm on June 8 to assist with Marketing setup (unloading programs, setting up the Marketing table, etc.) Please tell Kristi if you are available.
  • (1) person over age 18 to monitor the lobby on Friday, June 8 from 5:30pm until the end of the concert (this is a requirement by the Audi). Please tell Kristi if you have someone who can fill this role.

b) Also, we’ll need our normal batch of ticket sellers and ushers! Ticket sellers and ushers get to see the concert for free. Sign them up here!

  • 3 ticket sellers
  • 8 ushers
  • Calltime: 6:15pm, Friday June 8
  • Attire for Volunteers only: white tops, black bottoms

3. Social Media: We need more RSVPs for the Facebook event.

4. Rockies Tickets for July 11 game:   Tickets are available to buy at rehearsal – $32 each.


We’ll see you on Thursday,