04/26/2018 Rehearsal: CRS Spring Concert

  • Rehearsal Date: Thursday April 26
  • Time: 7-9:30pm
  • Location: Broomfield United Methodist Church (BUMC), 545 W. 10th Avenue, Broomfield, 80020.
  • Music: Folk Songs
  • Snacks: Tenors
Hi Singers,

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday.  A couple of reminders:

Rehearsal Tracks:  You can Click here or view the sidebar to see the Dropbox of mp3s that Steve Soller has kindly put together for our June concert to assist with your rehearsal process.

Central Europe Trip 2019:  Members joining us on our trip to Europe should hand in all forms (and initial checks, if applicable) to Natalia Coen by no later than May 17th’s rehearsal.

Have a great rehearsal!



CRS Board Members 2017 Election: Nominations for Open Positions

Hi everyone,

As Amy mentioned at our Retreat on Saturday, there are 3 CRS Board positions open for election this year:

  • President (currently Amy Marcussen)
  • VP of Performance (currently Kristi Horvath)
  • VP of Marketing (currently Mary Soroka)

Here is a link to all CRS Board Job Descriptions

  1. Please contact your Section Leader if you would like to nominate yourself or anyone else, in person or via email:

Sue Lyon – Soprano Section Leader

Janelle Wagner – Alto Section Leader

Kevin Gwinn – Tenor Section Leader

Robert Tate – Bass Section Leader

Please note that the cutoff date for accepting nominations is April 21.

  1. After this, the Nomination Committee develops a list of candidates, Membership is notified about candidates and voting is opened.

We will send you more information as Nominations proceed.

Thank you,


04/12/2018 Rehearsal: CRS Spring Concert & Central Europe Trip

  • Rehearsal Date: Thursday April 12

  • Time: 7-9:30pm

  • Location: Broomfield United Methodist Church (BUMC), 545 W. 10th Avenue, Broomfield, 80020.

  • Music: Folk Songs

  • Snacks: Sopranos

Hi Singers,

I hope you enjoyed last Saturday’s retreat.  We’re back in business this week with regular Thursday rehearsals, details above.

Here are links to key info. for next year’s Central European trip:

Central Europe 2019 – Brochure

Central Europe 2019 – Registration Form

Please read them carefully and note that:

  1. The registration form must be returned with the first payment ($500) PLUS any travel insurance upgrades. Travel insurance cannot be added on after the first payment.
  2. Registration forms for singers AND non-singer guests are due at the same time.

We’ll see you on Thursday!



  • Date of Spring Retreat: Saturday April 7.

  • Time: 8.45 am – Noon (please arrive at 8.45 so that we can start rehearsing at 9.15).

  • Location: Broomfield United Methodist Church (BUMC), 545 W. 10th Avenue, Broomfield, 80020.

  • Music: Folk songs

  • Breakfast: CRS Board members will bring it for you.

Hallo Singers,

Our end-of-winter hibernation period ends on Saturday!  This is a final reminder for you all about the Spring Retreat, and a timing update as you can see above: please plan to arrive at 8.45 on Saturday so that we can have coffee and breakfast, get our music and socialize first  –  and start singing at 9.15 sharp.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the retreat,





  • Date of Spring Retreat: Saturday April 7.

  • Time: 9am – Noon (please arrive before 9 so that we can start rehearsing on time).

  • Location: Broomfield United Methodist Church (BUMC), 545 W. 10th Avenue, Broomfield, 80020.

  • Music: Folk songs

  • Breakfast: CRS Board members will bring it for you.

Hi Singers!

Next week we’re going to get into gear for the Spring Concert Cycle: Folksongs, starting with next Saturday’s Retreat where we’ll begin to rehearse for June 7 & 8 concerts.


As we’ve mentioned in previous posts and emails, this Retreat will last for half a day only.


Susan Powers will bring the music and the CRS Board will bring finger food for breakfast – so all we need from you  is to be there before 9 to get your music, coffee and breakfast so that we don’t waste any rehearsal time!  Oh, and please don’t forget your name tags.

A reminder about auditions:  Here is a link to the Facebook event for auditions.  If you haven’t already, please could you do the following:  invite people you know who would like to audition for CRS directly on Facebook, and share the audition information and Facebook link on Next Door.


Kyle will be auditioning at the end of Saturday’s retreat, so please invite anyone you know who is interested in joining CRS to the Retreat – of course, Tenors and Basses are especially welcome!

Happy Easter and Passover everyone, we look forward to seeing you all next Saturday,


Post Concert Audience Survey – Auditions – Spring Retreat April 7

Hi Singers,

Hope you’re all enjoying the break from rehearsals.  We have 3 important messages for you this week:

1.  Post Concert Audience Survey – from Kristi

Hello singers!

I hope you’ve had some time to rest and reflect after our tremendous concert.

We’ve sent out an audience feedback survey to folks who purchased tickets online. However, since so many of our tickets were sold directly to CRS members at rehearsals, there is a huge swath of our audience we cannot email the survey to directly.

If you bought tickets for your guests at rehearsal, please invite them to complete the survey at the link below by Monday, March 26. We’d love to get their feedback!


See you all at the retreat!


2. Auditions

Here is a link to the Facebook event for auditions: https://www.facebook.com/events/135019180524591/

Please could you do the following:  invite people you know who would like to audition for CRS directly on Facebook, and share the audition information and Facebook link on

Please invite people directly on Facebook, and share the event information and link on Next Door.

3. Spring Retreat Saturday April 7, 9am-12pm

Just a reminder that this retreat will be morning only, and we’ll be posting more information about it in the next few days.

Remember to bring along friends and family who would like to audition that day (especially tenors and basses!)


Thank you all!



Updates from Kristi:

When I was up in the balcony taking photos and video tonight, the music sounded incredible! What a joy this will be to present to our loved ones! Thanks for your hard work through a long rehearsal, and thanks for your patience while we worked out the entry patterns in the labyrinthine stairwells and full stage. This concert has some challenging logistics, so I really appreciate all your help!

A few notes for tomorrow, since I’m not sure we’ll have time to discuss in detail:

  • Leaving the stage for Prayer of the Children: it appears I did not communicate properly to the folks exiting stage left (Tenor/Bass side) about how to exit the stage. Please DO NOT step off the edge of the stage onto the chair. The chair won’t even be there tomorrow, it had just been a spare on stage that I moved shortly before we began rehearsal. INSTEAD: either exit through the little red staircase that leads from the choir loft, OR, if you can, you can exit stage RIGHT with the sopranos and the majority of the altos.

  • Seating in the balcony for Prayer of the Children: I realize that this is a difficult transition from one location to another. The sequence should be, ideally, sopranos closest to the stage, then basses, then tenors, then altos farthest from the stage. Shorter folks in the  front, taller folks in the back. There will be ropes blocking off the reserved area, so I’ll ask the first couple of folks who make it to the balcony to take down the ropes to make it easier for everyone behind them. The ropes can just be gathered out of the way behind the back row. Also, if you know you are on an end and are one of the first up there, use your judgement about stepping to the side to let others into your row.

  • Leaving the balcony AFTER Prayer of the Children: Intermission will immediately follow Prayer. So, the house lights will come up and we’ll exit to the green room. Preferably, the majority of the choir will use the stairwell closest to the stage, but it’s okay if some need to use the stairwell farthest from the stage toward the back of the balcony. Just be sure to make your way back down to Fellowship Hall.

  • Restrooms: There are restrooms right outside our green room that you can use. During intermission, they will likely be quite busy, so Trinity is allowing us to use the restrooms near the offices on Level 2 and there are additional restrooms on Level 1. There will be several Trinity folks wandering around who can help you find them. Mary Soroka is also very familiar with Trinity and can point you in the right direction.

  • Concert Order Reminder: 

    • All choirs enter


    • FAURE

    • CRS and Regis exit to balcony (Kyle speaks to cover)

    • Rock Canyon set (4 songs)

    • Brief speaking by Kyle

    • PRAYER

    • All choirs exit to green room

    • Intermission

    • All choirs enter


    • Bows

    • All choirs exit (same way we practiced today during our first exit to the green room)

Again, thank you all so much for your hard work, your patience, and most importantly, your spectacular music-making. It’s an honor to sing with you. See you all at 5:45  in full concert dress!