CRS Board Members 2017 Election: Nominations for Open Positions

Hi everyone,

As Amy mentioned at our Retreat on Saturday, there are 3 CRS Board positions open for election this year:

  • President (currently Amy Marcussen)
  • VP of Performance (currently Kristi Horvath)
  • VP of Marketing (currently Mary Soroka)

Here is a link to all CRS Board Job Descriptions

  1. Please contact your Section Leader if you would like to nominate yourself or anyone else, in person or via email:

Sue Lyon – Soprano Section Leader

Janelle Wagner – Alto Section Leader

Kevin Gwinn – Tenor Section Leader

Robert Tate – Bass Section Leader

Please note that the cutoff date for accepting nominations is April 21.

  1. After this, the Nomination Committee develops a list of candidates, Membership is notified about candidates and voting is opened.

We will send you more information as Nominations proceed.

Thank you,