• Date of Spring Retreat: Saturday April 7.

  • Time: 9am – Noon (please arrive before 9 so that we can start rehearsing on time).

  • Location: Broomfield United Methodist Church (BUMC), 545 W. 10th Avenue, Broomfield, 80020.

  • Music: Folk songs

  • Breakfast: CRS Board members will bring it for you.

Hi Singers!

Next week we’re going to get into gear for the Spring Concert Cycle: Folksongs, starting with next Saturday’s Retreat where we’ll begin to rehearse for June 7 & 8 concerts.


As we’ve mentioned in previous posts and emails, this Retreat will last for half a day only.


Susan Powers will bring the music and the CRS Board will bring finger food for breakfast – so all we need from you  is to be there before 9 to get your music, coffee and breakfast so that we don’t waste any rehearsal time!  Oh, and please don’t forget your name tags.

A reminder about auditions:  Here is a link to the Facebook event for auditions.  If you haven’t already, please could you do the following:  invite people you know who would like to audition for CRS directly on Facebook, and share the audition information and Facebook link on Next Door.


Kyle will be auditioning at the end of Saturday’s retreat, so please invite anyone you know who is interested in joining CRS to the Retreat – of course, Tenors and Basses are especially welcome!

Happy Easter and Passover everyone, we look forward to seeing you all next Saturday,